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Watch live Football (and TV) on your PC - Guide

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Download Coolstreaming : Source 1

Once installed and run a list of the available channels will come up (Figure 1).

The Coolstreaming Window, p2p streaming
Figure 1: The Coolstreaming Window

There is also information about the streams' quality, measured in Kbps, number of users currently connected to this channel and the overall quality of this stream. This last measure is supposed to reflect the percentage of total users who are able to view this stream properly. For example, if the number is 93.45% for a certain channel it means that 93 out of every 100 connected users are able to watch this channel properly.

To view a channel select it by double clicking on it. Once done, a V sign should appear next to that channel (Figure 2):

Selecting a Channel on Coolstreaming, p2p streams
Figure 2: Selecting a Channel on Coolstreaming

The suitable player, either Real Player or Media Player should launch itself within a few seconds after selection, if it isn't already running. If it doesn't then you have to reconfigure your players' location settings. Press on the preferences button Coolstreaming preferences button, p2p streams , and enter the location of each of the players (Figure 3):

Setting the players' location on Coolstreaming, p2p streaming
Figure 3: Setting the players' location on Coolstreaming


If your computer is behind a firewall you should open ports higher than 1024.

For additional assistance visit our Help and Support forum.

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