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Watch live Football (and TV) on your PC - Guide

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PPLive - 2nd generation

We call all 1.0.9.x and later versions "2nd generation" PPlive.

As in old generation PPlive applications, you can choose channels directly from the PPlive website:

PPlive Channels.

PPlive Channels Translated.

PPlive Sports Channels Translated.

Download PPlive latest version: PPlive

Due to some problems reported with the later versions, it is recommended to try this version: PPlive

In the new versions of PPlive the main application is called the PPlive Engine. An icon of a blue arrow pointing down replaces the old grey 'Pp' Icon (Figure 1). Although the default language is set to English, the channels list is still in Chinese. Choosing a channel will play it in the PPlive Player (Figure 3), a stand alone player which is basically no more than a Media Player in a PPlive skin.

PPlive Icon, p2p streaming
Figure 1: PPlive Icon
The New PPlive Applications, p2p streams
Figure 2: The New PPlive Applications
PPlive Player, p2p streams
Figure 3: The PPlive Player

There is an added bonus to playing channels directly from the PPlive website. The streams are played in a regular Media Player window which is still the better option. Either way information about the chosen channel will appear in the PPlive Play list window (Figure 4) that can be opened by double clicking the PPlive icon in the taskbar (Figure 1).

PPlive Play List Window, p2p streaming
Figure 4: PPlive Play List Window

If you are running a firewall on your pc you should open a couple of ports for PPlive. You can specify the ports you prefer through the PPlive option menu (Figure 4). Since it's not mentioned anywhere within the application, we assume it would be best to allow both TCP and UDP communication through these ports.

PPlive firewall port settings, Streams
Figure 5: PPlive firewall port settings

PPlive Channels.

PPlive Channels Translated.

PPlive Sports Channels Translated.

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Although football is not my cup of tea pplive is quite simply a technological marvel (Rob).
I used to pay money to those websites that sell you live football streams. dont do that now that i have pplive (Andy).
There is not alot of football on television where i live and that really sucks. Now i watch live football streams and its great! thanks you thanks you thanks you pplive (Markus).
We football addicts have been truly blessed (David).
10 out of 10 on my scale (Ian).
I can just see it comming in one of PC magazine's next issues: "hottest trends: torrents out, pplive in". pplive is a mirecale :) (Josh).
Deifnately the best from all the others out there. great streams, no buffering (Kevin).
To be honest i find the quality of the streams very poor so im sticking with PPV at the moment. But for football matches that are not on telli those streams are centainly handy (Garry).
From all the programs out there pplive is the most reliable. I use it all the time and it never buffers. keep pplive alive! (Agnes).
Been using this kewl piece of software for a few weeks now and i must admit it ecxeeded any expectations i had. pplive rocks. and so does!!!! (J).